Nic McCallum

Front end designer and developer

About me

Hi, I'm Nic. I'm a front-end web designer and developer. I create clean, professional, responsive websites. After university I moved to Glasgow and started my career with Formedix as a plugin developer, several years later I'm still here as the front-end team lead designing and developing our new Angular based web application. I love the work I do.

Design process
My design process always starts with pencil and paper, doodling ideas and generating different concepts which match the requirements. Once I have an idea of where I want to go I move onto detailed mockups on paper before creating the same on computer. Specific tools fit specific purposes, adobe illustrator is my first choice for logo design while adobe XD is my favourite tool for handling mockups.

Development process
For development, I start with pseudocode outlining what I want my component to accomplish before replacing this with the relevant language, I find outlining the services behaviour first allows any possible issues to be addressed before any real time has been spent developing. I mostly write in HTML5 and CSS3 with the addition of Javascript, Angular and NodeJS when applicable. My development tool of choice is Visual Studios Code for its intuitive interface and vast collection of plugins.

What I do

In short I create interesting, intuitive websites for a variety of industries.

Static website

Perfect for a site which doesn't require any dynamic content like a shop or user accounts, cheaper storage costs and development.


Got a product to sell? An eCommerce site will generate your products and user accounts based on content stored within a database.


A content management system is perfect for allowing you to manage the creation and modification of your website's content. Typically used for larger, dynamic sites.

Responsive design

More interested in users accessing your website on their tablet or mobile device? Responsive design will ensure your website is pixel perfect regardless of the user's browsing preference.


Our hosting package uses Amazon Web Services to keep costs low for both us and our customers, I can even transfer over existing hosting/domains from other providers to keep all your websites together.


Have any questions about your website development or even the finished product? I'm always available to answer any questions. Website uptime is as important to me as it is to you so any issues occured are picked up on the same day they're reported.


Barries window cleaning

Window cleaning company situated in Dundee, Scotland. Static website outlining the company's services, contact information and a gallery of their previous work.

Hopscotch nurseries

Glasgow based nurseries for children aged 3-16. Static website with all the nurseries latest news. Hosting and maintenance package allows Hopscotch to update their website with just one text.

Angus Mac

Company logo for Glaswegian hairdressing company Angus Mac. Logo is used throughout the company's infrastructure including within their salon, all social media content and any advertising.

Graeme Macaskill - go vegan

Animal rights activist operating in Glasgow, Scotland. Logo creation for use in all social media. Included several options for client to choose from before creating final product in multiple sizes for multiple medias.

Old portfolio website

My old portfolio website, completed shortly after leaving university I felt like I needed a fresh site but didn't want to archive this one to the depths of my computer so here it is.

Some patter

Logo for a Glasgow based podcast discussing life goals, success stories and misbehaviour. Included several options for client to choose from before creating final product in multiple sizes for multiple medias.

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Graduated from Abertay university with a 2:1 in Web Design and Development BSc

Worked part time as an assistant lecturer at Abertay university, teaching 2nd year students Web standards

Graduated from Abertay university with an MSc in Software Engineering

First freelance website for 'Barry From Barrie', a window cleaning company in Dundee, Scotland

Started working with Formedix as a solutions consultant, created and maintained plugins for our then flagship product

Moved to the development department within Formedix as a front-end developer

Freelance website for a graphic designer in Dundee, Scotland

Became applications development team lead at Formedix, responsible for the front-end code base

Revamp of original '', now ''

Logo for 'Angus Mac' a Glasgow based hairdressing salon, used throughout company

Logo for 'Graeme Macaskill - Go vegan' animal rights activist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Used throughout social media

New website for Glasgow based nursery 'Hopscotch', continuous maintenance and support provided on monthly basis

Logo for 'Some Patter' - a podcast streaming out of Glasgow, Scotland. Used throughout social media